Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ya Rab!

After taking my previous decisions and arrangements, things didn't go well as I hoped.
Alhamdolillah any ways, but I was running in all directions trying to catch this and fix that, trying to finish my pending tasks,........I managed many things but I failed in one important thing: Religious wise, I felt unstable far away from my intended objectives. This had a negative impact on my spirits and accordingly on my performance. I am a person who does not regret, who does not look behind her back and who certainly tries to learn from the things that went wrong. So, in order to get things fixed and to get back on the right track, I have a small plan, I will write it here (though these things are supposed to be private), for several reasons, first my blog's traffic is very weak after the long absence I had, second, Alhamdolillah i am adjusting my intentions (Neia) here, so that I hope any one who reads this to get benefit from it and to remember me in the good du3aa isA. also, i wrote here to keep reminding myself of what i intended to do isA, may GOD help me:

1) Pray within 15 minutes after the azan, all prayers, isA.
2) Pray 2 rak3et keiam, just after isha prayers isA with 1/2 hezb kor2an, daily isA, then wetr
3) 5 minutes du3aa before fagr isA
4) Read 1 religious book / week isA
5) Read 1 book (Not related to my specialty) / week isA

Allahu Almosta3an:)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

حمزه نمره

ذهبت الليله إلى حفله للمطرب حمزه نمره في مكتبة الأسكندريه، و لقد إستمتعت للغايه و قضيت وقتا لطيفا جدا لعدة أسباب:
أولا: لقد مضى زمن بعيد جدا منذ ذهابي لأحد الحفلات الغنائيه، زمن لا أتذكره تحديدا!!
ثانيا: برغم إنتشار أغاني حمزه نمره إلا أنها المرة الأولى التي أسمعه فيها!! و لست أعني سماعه على الطبيعه، و لكنني لم أسمع أي من أغانيه شديدة الإنتشار باستثناء مقاطع سريعه من أغنية "إنسان" أثناء مروري السريع على قنوات التليفزيون
ثالثا: هو مطرب جيد للغايه، يقدم فنا محترما و كلمات راقيه و أغاني حماسيه ليس فيها إسفاف أو تجاوز، كما أن الحفله نفسها لم يكن بها أي تجاوزات رغم متوسط الأعمار الصغير للحاضرين
رابعا: كان معي صحبه أكثر من رائعه من أقرب الأصدقاء إلى قلبي
خامسا: يعد هذا هو أول الأوقات الممتعة التي أقضيها بعض قراري السابق بأن أغير من أدائي و كيفية تعاملي على جميع المستويات (برجاء قرائة البوست السابق)
سادسا: برد قارص و أمطار غزيره على إسكندريتي الجميله!

الحمد لله

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to writing!

I used to spend some good time here! I used to write things that pops up into my mind or to share things I thought they might be interesting. 
After the Facebook, most people dumped their blogs, but back then I dumped the facebook!
Well, the blog has its special criteria, you talk, you exchange thoughts with people you don't know, people you may never see, people who won't judge you,......people who are not your facebook friends.
And then I got busier, day after day, I had a lot of tasks that passed the due dates and I have daily added tasks that I don't even have time to organize!! I am not complaining, I am the mistaken one here. I am supposed to be a person with a certain caliber, some one who can finish all duties on time, organize herself and her life in a better way and look for new fields for improvement.
Well, it is always easy to say I don't have time, I'm over stuffed,............................
And it is even easier to incriminate the "system", you say to yourself: I have so many great ideas, but look at Egypt (before and after the revolution). You can always say that one can't work alone, you need others to help you and of course every one thinks he  / she is the good one and the others are the "non-helping, non-motivated" people! So poor me, what shall I do?
And nowadays, talking politics is really fashionable! I might waste hours talking and debating,......and then, oops; my due dates!
I used to sign my older posts as "frustrated", then thank GOD I changed this. Now, and since the last time I have been here, I progressed a lot Alhamdolillah. I achieved a lot of things, but I also failed to achieve few important things. 
Now, my dreams had changed, I have new views, new ideas and above all, new hopes:))
I think I will share all these things soon isA, but now I am trying to commit to writing! It might have nothing to do with all the above mentioned things, but I know it; I used to have good times and now I feel I am in a vicious circle; work, then work, then strangely; work where I don't progress as I am supposed to and definitely, not having any fun!
I am going to have all the good things I used to do back isA.
I am going to read again; and I mean here non-medical books! isA
I am going to share my thoughts and dreams again isA, and I am going to share the good things I read isA.
I am going to spend time with friends and family isA.
I am going to arrange my schedule and catch up with all my pending tasks isA.
I am going to be useful again, not only for myself, but for others as well, may GOD help me here.
I will start now with having a quick tour among blogs, then I will send fb msgs to all my old friends; with whom I lost contact for a while now, then I will write ALL the things I am planing to do in the near and far future isA and start organizing them, finally, I will finalize my MD thesis statistics isA!
Ya mosahel:)))

Thursday, November 12, 2009

PCR for H1N1

I am a laboratorian, I know the techniques and I know the prices of the used materials very well.The minister of health has nothing to do with the lab work except that his council is the chairman of El-Borg laboratories. So, he started to announce every where that only the fever hospitals are the authorized places to do the confirmatory test for H1N1 & people should not rush to private laboratories because they are doing only a rapid screening test that has many fallacies.Fine, few weeks later, things got beyond limits and the fever hospitals can't accommodate all those sick patients, so he had to open it for the private labs!! Here comes the business: 1) He said that not all the labs have the facilities. Correction: any lab that performs hepatitis B or C viruses tests can do H1N1 on the same machine. And of course more than 50 % of the Egyptian laboratories perform hepatitis virus analysis. 2) He said that the price should be ranging 1200 - 1500 L.E, Correction: THIEVES!!! The actual cost of the test is about 600 L.E max, so they can't take 100 % profit! 3) My analysis, is that all this is in favor of few large laboratories, one of them with its chairman working as the council of the minister and the other one with its owner who appears daily on T.Vs and she is an important highly connected member of the national democratic party!! 3amar ya masr

Monday, October 12, 2009

مقال يوجع

يبدو أن أنيس منصور إتوجع لما قرأ هذا المقال، و أنا بدوري إتوجعت لما قرأت أنيس منصور، و ها أنا أنقله بدوري لكم علشان أوجعكم

مواقف بقلم‏:‏ أنيس منصور

شبابنا لا يعلمون ـ أي ليست لديهم معرفة علمية ـ يتخرجون في الجامعات جهلة تماما‏,‏ إننا نخرج أناسا أميين يحكموننا سياسيا وعسكريا‏.‏ هذه حقيقة مؤكدة‏,‏ فليست عندهم معلومات عن الطاقة والمادة والتيار الكهربي والمجال الكهروطيسي والاشعاع والبلورة والمادة الوراثية ولا ما تفعله أشعة ليزر ولا يفهمون المنظومة الشمسية‏.‏ هذه الفقرة مترجمة عن احدي الصحف الاسرائيلية بمناسبة حصولها للمرة الثانية علي جائزة نوبل‏.‏ وقالت الصحيفة أيضا أن حصولنا علي جائزة ليس دليلا علي عظمة التربية والتعليم وإنما علي عظمة بعض العلماء الباحثين الذين أفلتوا من شبكة الجهل‏.‏ وقالت الصحيفة أيضا‏:‏ ليس الجهل أو سوء التربية هو الذي يتسلط علي اسرائيل وإنما سوء الفهم والوهم والايمان بما ليس علميا‏.‏ إن الثقافة العلمية هي أساس هذه الدولة من غيرها تموت‏..‏ وكأن صاحب المقال يتحدث عن التعليم في مصر‏.‏ ولكن هناك فارقا‏,‏ فجامعاتنا لم تدخل ضمن أحسن‏200‏ جامعة في العالم بينما ظهرت لاسرائيل ثلاث جامعات‏.‏ وفي السنة التالية ظهرت أربع جامعات‏..‏ ولاتزال جامعاتنا غائبة أو في غيبوبة‏.‏ وهذا رأي العلماء المصريين أيضا‏.‏ انهم يشكون من أن طلبة الجامعات جهلة لا يفكرون علميا‏.‏ ومن السهل أن تتسلط عليهم الخرافات‏.‏ فإذا تخرجوا في الجامعة انطبق عليهم ما هو أسوأ من شكوي الباحثين في اسرائيل‏.‏ وفي استطاعتك أن تتبين ذلك‏:‏ كم مقالا علميا في أية صحيفة‏..‏ كم عدد المجلات العلمية‏..‏ كم عدد العلماء الذين نباهي بهم الأمم ونرفعهم الي جائزة نوبل التي حصلنا عليها مرة واحدة لأسباب علمية‏!‏

Sunday, September 27, 2009

لا عزاء للسيدات

عمري ماسألت نفسي عن اصل الجملة دي "لا عزاء للسيدات"، لحد ما روحت من يومين عزاء والد إحدى صديقاتي المقربات
الناس مصدومة و حزينة و مش مركزة، العزاء كان في مسجد القائد إبراهيم حيث عزاء السيدات في صالة المناسبات
المهم.............كل اتنين ماسكين ودان بعض و هاتك يا كلام و ضحك و ذكريات!! بدون النظر لإعتبارات الظرف و المكان و القرآن و الأهل الملكومين
المهم، ساعتها فهمت الجملة المذكورة، فعلا، لا عزاء للسيدات

Sunday, August 23, 2009

People in my life (1)

I feel like talking about some persons who affected my life in a certain way. I feel like discussing my feelings & my relationships with them. I am not gonna arrange them in any special order, it's just that I am going to talk about them in a random way!! I will start with my cousin Hagar I always thought about Hagar as my cute descent little cousin. She is a kind of person whom you must like at the first site. No body ever got angry from her in any stage of her life. She is around 24 years old now, but i discovered she's grown up about 3 years ago. Before that she was just a kid for me, that's how I used to figure her whenever she crosses my mind. I discovered her secret blog! I started to comment using a nick name for a while, it was an interesting game:) Any way, my point is that when I started reading what Hagar wrote, i felt that she is not the cute little girl any more! GOD how much did she grow up!! I loved what she wrote then, in fact I thought about my blog only when I saw Hagar's. later on, this amazing cousin of mine turned into a children writer! They say she is very good at this too. May GOD help her to keep this up isA. What I mean is that you can always think about a person in a certain way. You may think that you are close enough so that you can figure out every thing about him / her. after a while smart person, you find out that you know nothing!! nothing at all!! That's what happened to me concerning Hagar. But I am really happy about what I knew. i am proud of her & I like the character i found out she is. she is not the little girl any more, but she is very cute & she has that kind of charm that you like & enjoy talking to her for it. she can smile at every one's face, though she might not like the company & she wishes to get away! No problem, she is keeping such a diplomatic smile & attitude:) Hagar, I love you & I love spending time with you. I admire you & respect your mind. I am sorry that i didn't figure this earlier, but it's never too late dear cousin:)